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October 25th 2011 in Blog, writing erotica

We all have our preferences, those little things that spark the kindling to light our fires. Maybe you enjoy those smoking hot “Daddy” stories that are incredibly popular right now. Perhaps you love a good paranormal twist because it allows you to go beyond the everyday norm and experience something otherworldly. Is it the power of romance that draws you in?

I was thinking today about my own favorites, those stories that stuck with me and held on tight long after I turned off my Kindle and crawled down under the sheets and I started to think about you… Because I write erotica, I love to connect with my readers, but not just as a writer, as a reader myself.

For me, I love to be taken away to another world, an alternate existence that allows me to dive into the unknown. It’s highly unlikely that I’ll ever run into a shifter or a vampire in this lifetime, which is going to make it seriously difficult for me to fulfill that fantasy. The great thing is, I can pick up my favorite stories and vicariously experience those unattainable fantasies through a really great writer.

And as a writer myself, I long to fulfill the fantasies of others. I try to dabble in as many different subgenres of erotica as possible because it’s an equally exciting way for me to explore my fantasies. I love writing about vampires and ghosts (with my girl, Kelly Haven,) and I really enjoy writing about those naughty, naughty daddies.

I want to hear about your fantasies, as readers, and if you’re a writer, I want to hear about that too! What lights your fire?


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