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In Praise of Older Men

November 7th 2011 in Blog, writing erotica

I love the One Handed Writers blog. It’s a fantastic place for some of my friends and fellow erotica authors to sit down and share their thoughts on not just writing erotic fiction, but what turns us on and inspires us as well.  A couple weeks ago, I posted my first blog over there. It was called “Who’s Your Daddy” and I talked about why I think the pseudo-incest and stepdad stories are such a big hit.

Alix Storm bounced off of my thoughts and wrote a fantastic post today called In Praise of Older Men. Anyone who’s read my work or blog can probably tell I have a soft spot for older men. The more distinguished and emotionally mature, the more excited I get.

One of my favorite actors of all time is Keith Carradine. I sort of fell in love with Mr. Carradine back when he guest starred on season two of Showtime’s Dexter as FBI serial killer tracker, Frank Lundy. He was mature, set in his ways and so sexy that Dexter’s hard-ass cop sister, Debra, fell head over heels in love with Lundy and ready to sacrifice her future to spend her life with a much older man.

The interesting thing about the Debra Morgan/Frank Lundy relationship, at least to me anyway, was that Deb had serious “Daddy” issues. Her father, after adopting seriously damaged Dexter, found himself wrapped up in trying to control this out of control serial killer on the rise, and Deb always took a backseat to her brother in their father’s eye. Everything she did in life, she did to try to get her father’s love and attention, and after he died, she found herself stuck in that cycle–still trying to stand out and live up to what she felt her father’s expectations of her would be.

When she met Frank Lundy, she found a man not much unlike her father, but who took interest in her thoughts, ideas and gave her the much-needed praise and encouragement she’d been craving from her father her entire life. He provided her with stability and understanding, compassion and confidence, in essence putting her on a much stabler path until he left to track down another serial killer at the end of the season.

His dedication to his work was a large enough slight that it pushed Deb back into that state of disarray and confusion.

Keith Carradine played the role beautifully, and I was so excited when they brought him back to Dexter in season four…even if his presence was only short-lived.

If you’ve got a thing for older men, who are some of the distinguished guys you find attractive? Does Harrison Ford get your motor running? How about Sean Connery or William Shatner? And what is it about that particular man that turns you on? As for the men, are you attractive to older women, and if so, what is it about them that turns you on?

And if you’ve got a moment, why not drop by One Handed Writers and see what Alix has to say about Older Men?


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