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January 19th 2012 in Blog, writing erotica

So we’re almost three weeks into this new year and so far I’ve got little to nothing to show for that three weeks. I’ve been swamped outside the writing business, which has pushed release dates for my two up and coming new stories, (Brother’s Wet Dream and Her Best Friend’s Dad 7,) back a bit further than I’d hoped. But that’s life. It comes your way and you feel it sometimes.

Those stories are coming though, and very soon, I promise. Brother’s Wet Dream is up next and if everything goes as I have planned, it will be out within the next week, so keep your eyes peeled and your hand on your zipper.

In other news, I’m feeling a little perplexed and out of sorts over something that has recently come up. On Saturday I blogged over on One Handed Writers about Plagiarism, as it seems to be running rampant in this new age of self-publishing. Petty scammers looking to make a quick buck like to troll online writing sites like Literotica, snag a bag full of other people’s stories and then publish them for profit on sites like Amazon. And they would have gotten away with it too, if it hadn’t have been for their overwhelming sense of greed. I tend to be a pretty prolific writer, occasionally finding myself able to put out 2-3 titles in a week if I’m on task, but 12 titles a day? Even with a backlist a mile long, releasing 12 titles (or more in some cases,) in a single day is just ridiculous.

Send up the red flag because not only are these people stealing other people’s works, they are also FLOODING the market. When the market is flooded, it draws attention away from authors who actually work very hard writing and editing their stories in order to make a living selling their creativity to their reading audience.

Because of all these little indiscretions, Amazon is really cracking down on authors, calling every little detail into question. Last night I received and email from Amazon’s quality control department asking me to verify authorship and right to distribute a couple of my titles because they discovered them freely available on another site. They did not provide the link to this site, but all of the sudden I find myself worrying about being pirated and/or plagiarized.

I used to tell myself all the time that plagiarizers were the real losers. If they stole something of mine, I could always write another story because that is what I do, but they’d have to steal something else in order to keep on keeping on. Now that I’ve had my identity and my rights to distribute my own work called into question not one, but twice in the last thirty days, my attitude about the whole thing is swiftly changing. I’m seriously considering going through the process of copyrighting everything I write before publishing from here on out to protect myself and my work.

Writing has become a job of sorts for me in the last year. It pays my bills, puts food on my table and ensures that I can continue to grow my rather sizable shoe collection. I’ll be damned if I’m going to let some thieving little so and so without brains enough to hold a pen, much less use it to craft an original creative work, steal funds from my shoe collection collection plate.

So, things may be changing over the next month or so. I don’t exactly know how at this point, but I do know I am going to be cracking down in the future and will not tolerate pirates or thieves interfering with my business.

If you’re an author, you’d be smart to take such things more seriously as well, if you haven’t already. You never know when YOUR integrity will be called into question because someone else has stolen your work.

Rock on!


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