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New Look!

August 15th 2012

ShareI swear, it’s like some kind of psychiatric disorder. I’m not happy unless I change my blog template every few months for a new look. It’s like shoes. You see a shiny new pair you like in the boutique window and you can’t wait to slip your feet into them for a test drive so [...]

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Her Best Friend’s Dad 9 is HERE!

July 23rd 2012

ShareSara has been exploring her dominant side with meek, submissive Dr. Elijah Compton for the last two months. There’s something exciting about wielding that power that makes her so wet, she can barely contain herself once she’s on a roll. But domination comes at a greater cost than Sara ever imagined. Elijah’s grown emotionally attached [...]

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Her Best Friend’s Dad 8 is Cumming!

June 25th 2012

ShareI am hoping against all hope to have Her Best Friend’s Dad 8 formatted and up for purchase by mid-week. I’m doing a few last minute tweaks and combing through it again. In the meantime, I wanted to share the cover and a brief rundown on what to expect for all those who’ve been patiently [...]

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I’m Still Here!

June 22nd 2012

ShareWell, sort of. As I mentioned so many times in the past I tend to travel a lot for work, and for the last couple of months I think I’ve been home for a grand total of about two weeks. This has really put a damper on my play time, leaving very little time for [...]

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Why Mark Coker and Smashwords are NOT the Enemy

February 29th 2012

ShareIt’s not like me to sit idly by and watch the world fall apart around me. When things like what’s been going on in the indie publishing world happen, I stand up and fight them because this is my world and the income I earn selling my stories puts food on my table, gas in [...]

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The Hypocrisy of Morality

February 24th 2012

SharePlease stop by One Handed Writers today for a look at my thoughts on the recent morality surge, that allegedly forced BookStrand’s hand into severing ties with all indie publishers and authors. I hope you’ll chime in the comments over there. I’d love to hear what you have to say. Tweet This Post

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Here’s the Thing…

February 21st 2012

ShareAs some of you may have already heard, last week there was a reckoning in the erotic eBook market. PayPal sent out warnings to several smaller distribution companies, telling them that certain types of erotic material were not acceptable. Those companies had to remove titles with “questionable” content from their sales shelves within an allotted [...]

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Distribution Update via Sweet Nothings Erotica

February 21st 2012

Share Please stop by the Sweet Nothings site for an important distribution update. Tweet This Post

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Apple Snubs Erotica

February 9th 2012

ShareSelling eBooks on Apple isn’t easy. You either have to have a Mac to work their ridiculously difficult setup (and even then there are no guarantees,) or you have to set up an account on Smashwords , All Romance eBooks or Lulu and have your eBooks distributed through them in order to appear in the [...]

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Brother’s Wet Dream is FINALLY Here!

February 2nd 2012

Share It feels like it’s been years since I set out to finish and publish my brand new story, Brother’s Wet Dream, but what started out as a short story a little over six weeks ago, quickly took on a life of its own and grew into something so much more. In fact, I have [...]

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