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Her Best Friend’s Dad 9 is HERE!

July 23rd 2012

ShareSara has been exploring her dominant side with meek, submissive Dr. Elijah Compton for the last two months. There’s something exciting about wielding that power that makes her so wet, she can barely contain herself once she’s on a roll. But domination comes at a greater cost than Sara ever imagined. Elijah’s grown emotionally attached [...]

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Her Best Friend’s Dad 9 is on its way!

July 13th 2012

ShareFor those who have been following Sam and Sara’s journey from the start, you may have realized we are coming very close to the final chapter in the series. Of course, Sam and Sara’s story doesn’t end there, they go on to become swingers after they are married. I’ve been holding off releasing any other [...]

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Her Best Friend’s Dad 8 is Cumming!

June 25th 2012

ShareI am hoping against all hope to have Her Best Friend’s Dad 8 formatted and up for purchase by mid-week. I’m doing a few last minute tweaks and combing through it again. In the meantime, I wanted to share the cover and a brief rundown on what to expect for all those who’ve been patiently [...]

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Her Best Friend’s Dad 7 is HERE!

February 15th 2012

Share At last, the next tale in the best-selling, ongoing series, Her Best Friend’s Dad, is finally here. 19-year-old Sara and her best friend’s dad, Sam, are about to kick off an exciting new year together. They just got engaged, and though the wedding is quite a ways off, Sara loves the idea of playing [...]

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Sweet Nothings Has a New Look!

February 13th 2012

ShareLast week, I sat down with Kelly and started finally getting the Sweet Nothings Erotica site in order. While we loved the look, throughout the week we found ourselves going back and reevaluating it. It was simple, yes, and it was pretty, but it wasn’t exactly what we wanted. Kelly and I have never been [...]

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Her Best Friend’s Dad 7 is Cumming

February 10th 2012

ShareI can’t believe sometimes how this series took off. What started off as a basic idea back in the summer turned into an epic saga that is probably one of the dearest things to my heart that I’ve ever written. Sam and Sara’s journey began in the realm of taboo, an 18-year-old high school senior [...]

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Special Amazon Promotion

December 8th 2011

ShareThis weekend, on Amazon only, I will be offering one of my favorite stories ABSOLUTELY free! Starting at midnight Friday (12 a.m. Friday morning,) and on through until midnight Saturday, Her Best Friend’s Dad will be 100% off, which means you download it right to your Kindle or Kindle app at no charge! Her Best [...]

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Her Best Friend’s Dad 6 is finally HERE!

November 24th 2011

Share The story of Sara and her best friend’s dad, Sam, is not over yet. They have a long road to go before they take their vows and ascend to the swinging lifestyle together as husband and wife. With Sam’s daughter Becky still not speaking to her father or her best friend, Sara has a [...]

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On the Horizon

November 14th 2011

ShareI have been working on a few projects these last couple weeks, brainstorming, plotting and planning, and while I’m not completely ready to share all the details with you, I did want to let you all know that I am currently working on a novel. Up until this point, I’ve released only novelettes, but as [...]

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